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"Very well. feel free to handle that one. I will deal with the other one."

Tavaryn gave a slight nod. He also said, "Alive if possible." He then turned his attention back to the dark Jedi that he had also blocked and pushed off to force distance between them.

"It appears that I have no choice but to surrender." "Good luck trying to get my friend their to surrender. He will not stop until either he is dead or you are all dead."

Tavaryn replied, "Then he will die. Cast aside your lightsaber." The order was curt and reminded Tavaryn of his early days as a Shinigami. It was rather frightening at how easily that time came back. Then again this was a matter of life and death. His gaze remained firm as he held his lightsaber and sword ready to defend himself if it came to that.

At the same time Tavaryn had to make sure. He sent, Are you all right moi chroi?

Meanwhile, Fen'Harel saw the entrance of the newest combatant and he thought he was going to fall over dead in a faint or something. He never thought... Out loud he said, "Xandros."

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