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"Alive if possible."

Xandros didn't respond as he jumped at the dark jedi and attempted to perform a downward slashing attack only for the dark jedi to manage to catch his saber on his own lightsaber blade and deflect it off to the side. Xandros shouted out in pain as the dark jedi unleashed a barrage of force lightning that he wasn't prepared for.

The dark jedi laughed as he continued to hit him with the force lightning. "You didn't think I would show you all of my techniques to you when we last fought did you?! You are more foolish then I've given you credit for!"

Xandros's eyes flashed, despite the pain he was in gathered the force around him and unleashed a massive force wave that sent the dark force-user flying backwards directly at the location Garja and Belina were at. the force wave also had the added effect of breaking the dark jedi's concentration, freeing Xandros from the force lightning. He quickly got back on his feet and ran at the dark jedi and jumped behind him. Before the dark jedi could recover, Xandros slammed the hilt of his lightsaber across the dark jedi's head, knocking him out cold for the moment.

"Then he will die. Cast aside your lightsaber."

The shorter of the two dark jedi watched the taller dark jedi get knocked out and instantly threw his lightsaber on the ground. "It appears I was wrong, but know this: The only reason you have won this fight is because your around a hundred years more advanced then us in combat techniques."

Are you all right moi chroi?

Yes. Alriana sent back as she watched the shinigami from around a hundred years back approach her. But I think our friend has questions and I doubt that I'm qualified to answer them.


Xandros stopped walking for a moment and than glanced over at Fen'Harel and his eyes lit up for a moment. He turned to look at Alriana and then back at Fen'harel.

He changed direction and started walking towards Fen'Harel and a smile appeared on his face. "Xandros reporting in sir." he said as he looked around the hanger and saw the wrecked form of the Visio. "If I may ask sir...what happened to me? I remember overpowering the two dark jedi I was fighting and then the ship's hyperdrive malfunctioned. The last thing I remember is putting those two in the cryopods and then sealing myself in one until help arrived."

He took a closer look at Fen'Harel. "If I may say look a bit different...a tiny bit older If I may say so.
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