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"It appears I was wrong, but know this: The only reason you have won this fight is because your around a hundred years more advanced then us in combat techniques."

Tavaryn deactivated his lightsaber and placed it back on his belt, leaving his sword out just in case. With the ease of practice, he lifted his hand slightly still watching the dark Jedi and the dropped lightsaber flew into his hand. He held it and replied, "I like to think it's because of the dedication of those fighting you."

But I think our friend has questions and I doubt that I'm qualified to answer them.

Tavaryn sent back, Compared to me, you're the best candidate at the moment though I think Fen'Harel is the best choice. I'm glad that you're all right.

Tavaryn called over his team and said, "Tariq, help our 'guests' to the special brig. For added security, best to place neural restraints, the Force dampening ones."

tariq replied, "Aye sir," and instructed the men to take charge of the prisoners. Meanwhile Tavaryn confiscated the lightsabers and walked over to Alriana. While it seemed inappropriate to do so, he couldn't help but grasp her hand and gently entwine his fingers with hers. He gave a gentle squeeze of reassurance.


"If I may ask sir...what happened to me? I remember overpowering the two dark jedi I was fighting and then the ship's hyperdrive malfunctioned. The last thing I remember is putting those two in the cryopods and then sealing myself in one until help arrived.""If I may say look a bit different...a tiny bit older If I may say so.

Fen'Harel looked at the young Shinigami trying yet failing to hide the relief that the boy was still alive. He replied, "It has been nearly a hundred years since you last reported in Xandros. We thought you to be lost when no word came in from your ship. It was only recently that Admiral Belina of Republic Fleet and now the resistance, received word of your ship being found. You and your podmates were brought here for questioning but as you are well aware, we've had some problems."

Andros pulled himself to his feet and greeted his father, "Nice of you to drop in. How's Kalla?"

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