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"I like to think it's because of the dedication of those fighting you."

"I honestly don't know why we haven't been able to destroy all who oppose us." The dark jedi said quietly. "From what I've seen the sith always come close to vanquishing the light but the light always prevals." The dark jedi said angerly. "I have killed countless solders who fought with the rebellion but even now, a hundred years later I personally have never killed a jedi."

Alriana smiled gently as Tavaryn wrapped his hands around hers. I hope your still planning on coming to dinner with the Admiral, Jun-la and Matton and I. She sent. Because you and I have something to discuss. Something important.

"It has been nearly a hundred years since you last reported in Xandros. We thought you to be lost when no word came in from your ship. It was only recently that Admiral Belina of Republic Fleet and now the resistance, received word of your ship being found. You and your podmates were brought here for questioning but as you are well aware, we've had some problems."

Xandros lost his voice for a moment as the realization of what had been said crashed over him. A...hundred years?

"But...the jedi you assigned me to look over...she's still looks the same as the last day I saw her! And there's no way she was stuck in cryosleep like I was! And what is the Galactic resistance? The last I heard the Rebellion was in full swing against the Palpatine's galactic empire."

"Take this. It'll help you get up to speed on what's been going on in the past hundred years. Unfortunately, things may not be as different you might like."

Xandros turned to Komad and took the offered datapad and looked it over.

Xandros looked over the datapad and saw a few things that made him feel a bit better. The rebellion had managed to overthrow jedi order led by a Skywalker. His smile vanished when he saw what had happened recently. The undying sith empire...the attack on avalon and the Fall of Coruscant."

He slowly turned to Fen'harel. "This Undying Sith Empire, they make Palpaine's empire look like nothing! How did they manage to attack Avalon? And why did the chancellor of the Republic trust them in the first place?"

Belina and Garja both walked to where everyone was meeting. "Right now, I think that everyone needs to take a break. Everyone who was involved in this incident is to take the rest of the day off. My duty shift was almost over anyway."

She turned to Jun-la and spoke a bit more quietly. "I'm going to get a team down here to clean up some of the damage. And if I may ask, are we still doing dinner tonight? If so I might be a bit late. I'm going to make sure that Xandros is given a private room with a computer connected to the database so he can get used to our new future. Or maybe I could let him stay with the Shinigami delegation."

She then turned to Garja. "Get a team down here to get the injured to the medbay and another team down here to clean up some of the wreckage."

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