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"Tonatius, those are DC-58's. Death Guard weapons."

Tonatius gave a slight growl as he lowered his blade. It was considered a disgrace for Bushida to let their weapons be taken from them but he wasn't about to do anything that would hurt Kalla or the baby. He let them lead them to the cells where they were to be kept and gave a vicious scowl at his captors.

It seems you were right, Kaltas. Don't think I'm done with you or your boyfriend.

Tonatius replied, "Don't hurry on our account."

He waited until Sykal was gone before looking at Kalla. He said, "I hope you have some idea for getting out because all I have is this." He turned around and reached into his pants to pull out a multi tool that he had hidden for no reason at all. "Seems they missed it." He grinned trying to lighten the situation a little since he knew that now the enemy knew about Kalla, they would be relentless. "It'll be all right moi chroi."


"I have killed countless solders who fought with the rebellion but even now, a hundred years later I personally have never killed a jedi."

Tariq looked at the prisoner as he made sure the Fore inhibitors were functioning and replied, "Well you won't be doing that anytime soon. Not if the LT has anything to say about that."

I hope your still planning on coming to dinner with the Admiral, Jun-la and Matton and I. Because you and I have something to discuss. Something important.

Tavaryn smiled as he gave a kiss to her hand. Of course. I gave my word didn't I? Besides I am curious to hear what I am in trouble for. He gave a slight chuckle to indicate that he was teasing her.

When Belina gave the announcement that everyone was to have the rest of the day off he said in a conspiratorial whisper, "So generous. I think I might spend it in the ion shower and stay in there until dinner." He knew Alriana liked the sonic showers and teased her about taking forever in it.

"This Undying Sith Empire, they make Palpaine's empire look like nothing! How did they manage to attack Avalon? And why did the chancellor of the Republic trust them in the first place?"

Fen'Harel looked at Xandros almost in a fatherly way and replied, "Avalon has always been the first and last line of defense against darkness. It has been that way for millennia. They attacked because they were returning home. As for the trust issue, as a Jedi you would be well aware the how tempting the lure of the darkside is."

Fen'Harel sheathed his blade and placed a hand on Xandros' shoulder, "Much has happened since we thought you lost. The Jedi you were assigned to was placed in a similar situation. When she was discovered, one of our brothers volunteered to help her become familiar with the changes. Perhaps a similar situation would be permissible to you?"

"I'm going to get a team down here to clean up some of the damage. And if I may ask, are we still doing dinner tonight? If so I might be a bit late. I'm going to make sure that Xandros is given a private room with a computer connected to the database so he can get used to our new future. Or maybe I could let him stay with the Shinigami delegation."

Meanwhile Jun-la checked upon her apprentice and checked in with the admiral. She leaned over to reply to the whispers, "Perhaps a compromise. Right now he seems to be comfortable with the council member. Let him be where he is most comfortable. I think it would be wise to extend the invitation to stay on the Ackbar a bit longer. As to dinner. Please come when you are able."

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