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((Alright writer, I'm ready to get your characters in the Rp if you are. ))


"Well you won't be doing that anytime soon. Not if the LT has anything to say about that."

The Dark jedi smiled as he was taken away. "Perhaps...Perhaps not. You cannot keep us prisoner forever."

"So generous. I think I might spend it in the ion shower and stay in there until dinner."

Alriana playfully punched him in the arm. "I'm going to make sure your not in there for very long. I know your very anxious to see Kaillian and to be honest I want to see her too. That means we're going to go there as soon as possible."

"Avalon has always been the first and last line of defense against darkness. It has been that way for millennia. They attacked because they were returning home. As for the trust issue, as a Jedi you would be well aware the how tempting the lure of the darkside is."

Xandros sighed. "Still...why would they trust a goverment with the name "Undying Sith Empire"? The sith have always brought nothing but death and destruction. You think people would have learned by now."

"Much has happened since we thought you lost. The Jedi you were assigned to was placed in a similar situation. When she was discovered, one of our brothers volunteered to help her become familiar with the changes. Perhaps a similar situation would be permissible to you?"

Xandros looked over at Alriana and Tavaryn and frowned as he saw him kiss her hand. It appears that many things have changed since I was frozen. He thought as he continued to observe him before turning back to Fen'Harel.

"Would it be possible for me to stay with the Shinigami delegation for now? Before I learn more I would like to learn more about what happened to the Shinigami and Avalon in the hundred years I was frozen. Have there been any significant changes?"

"As to dinner. Please come when you are able."

Belina smiled. "I'll be there soon then. I'm going to head back to my quarters after taking care of a few things first though."

Belina looked over at Xandros and felt a slight pang of sorrow. It had been a hundred years since he had been out of that cryopod. She walked over and placed a hand on his shoulder. "If you want to stick around for a bit then you are welcome to stay aboard the Ackbar for as long as you want. Consider this your home for as long as you wish."

She had a sudden idea. "Excuse me...but I have to make a call." She said as she walked over to the far end of the hanger and opened up a comnlink to a contact of hers on Tatooine.

"This is Belina...Viron. I know you can hear me Viron. You always leave your comnlink on so pick up!"

Red Rodian Cantina

Viron looked down at his comnlink in irritation as it went off. Only one person know his comnlink code and he knew she would keep calling him until he either picked up or he destroyed the comnlink.

He sighed and answered it. "This is Viron."
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