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"Perhaps...Perhaps not. You cannot keep us prisoner forever."

Tariq glanced at the prisoner, "Perhaps that is true. I heard that the Shinigami are known for killing their prisoners." He didn't know if it was true or not but he had heard the stories about that organization and how sometimes they were perceived as assassins. He never asked the LT about it but maybe he might as well in the near future.

"I'm going to make sure your not in there for very long. I know your very anxious to see Kaillian and to be honest I want to see her too. That means we're going to go there as soon as possible."

Tavaryn rubbed his arm where she punched him. "Hey you know I bruise easily. Do you want me to be in the clutches of the viper?" The punch didn't hurt but he always made a show if it to tease her since she knew he had worse and he had the scars to prove it. He then said, "Since I found my siblings, the part that hasn't been blackened by my time with the Shinigami, I've wanted nothing more than my family, so you're right that I want to see Kaillian and I'm glad that you want to as well." He smiled at her continuing to hold her hands in his. "Besides um... there's something I wanted to ask you in private as well. Shall we head to our quarters?"


"Still...why would they trust a goverment with the name "Undying Sith Empire"? The sith have always brought nothing but death and destruction. You think people would have learned by now."

Fen'Harel replied, "You would think but memories tend to be short and there are many who do not understand the difference."

Fen'Harel then noticed Zandros looking over at the Jedi and Tavaryn and he watched as well as they shared a personal moment. He saw the expression flit across Xandros' face and shrewdly guessed at what was going on. He said nothing though but listened to the boy talk. There would be time later.

"Would it be possible for me to stay with the Shinigami delegation for now? Before I learn more I would like to learn more about what happened to the Shinigami and Avalon in the hundred years I was frozen. Have there been any significant changes?"

Fen'Harel thought for a moment. Perhaps having him remain on the Ackbar in the presence of the Jedi and Tavaryn would do him some good. He replied, "I don't see any reason why not. From the looks of things I'll be here for quite awhile and Tavaryn has duties here as the Sentinel. As for what has happened, after the Empire was declared, Avalon officially withdrew stating that it would not support the Galactic Empire. Of course they were considered traitors but then they were instrumental in helping the Rebellion. Avalon has repeated history now that the Undying Empire has made its move. They have withdrawn from the Republic and continue to help us fight against the Sith."

Fen'Harel looked at the boy to see how well he was digesting this information. He said, "If you want time to think things over, you are more than welcome to. Ask any questions you like."

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