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"Perhaps that is true. I heard that the Shinigami are known for killing their prisoners."

"I must confess I know little about the shinigami. But why would we care? We are one hundred years in the future, the empire has been wiped out and we have been captured. What awaits us? Death? Torture? Imprisonment?"

"Besides um... there's something I wanted to ask you in private as well. Shall we head to our quarters?"

Alriana paused for a moment. There was no way he could know yet. Unless someone had spoken but she doubted it. "Of course. I doubt Jun-la and Matton would like it if we showed up wearing the clothes we fought in."

"You would think but memories tend to be short and there are many who do not understand the difference."

Xandros sighed again. "It really doesn't matter does it. No matter what seems to happen the sith always return. No matter how many times we apparently vanquish them they always return."

"If you want time to think things over, you are more than welcome to. Ask any questions you like."

Xandros shook his head. "I think I need to spar with someone to clear my head. Waking up a hundred years in the future is a bit much. Is there anyone who you would recommend I could fight against?"

Ackbar Training Room.

"Next." Xeran called out as his latest opponet hit the ground with a thud before crawling away to the side. A large wookiee entered the ring with a smile on his furry face. He probably thinks his size gives him an advantage. Xeran thought smugly as he dropped into a fighting stance.

The wookiee charged at him and Xeran simply moved out of the way and grabbed the wookiee by the arm and slammed him into a wall. The wookiee howled with rage and took a swipe at him only to have Xeran catch his arm and start to bend it.

The wookiee tapped the floor, the signal that he had to give up. Xeran smiled. He enjoyed fighting.

"Next." He called again.

"This is Viron."

"Viron...this is Admiral Belina aboard the Ackbar. As you know you owe me a few favors. If you can get me the info I need we'll be done. You won't ever hear from me again."

Viron was aout to answer when the door to the cantina suddenly opened and two black robed figures entered the cantina. One of them had a double-bladed lightsaber and the other had a wicked looking vibroblade.

"Hold on. I might have to get back to you." he said as he reached for his blaster.
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