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"I must confess I know little about the shinigami. But why would we care? We are one hundred years in the future, the empire has been wiped out and we have been captured. What awaits us? Death? Torture? Imprisonment?"

Tariq opened the door to the specialized brig for Force Users and showed the prisoner in. He replied, "Interrogation for starters. At least the LT is more inclined to ask questions first."


"Of course. I doubt Jun-la and Matton would like it if we showed up wearing the clothes we fought in."

Tavaryn chuckled, "I doubt that as well."

Without releasing her hand, he led her towards the main doors that would lead to the lifts. He paused by Jun-la who merely said, "Kaillian is waiting." Jun-la then said in a conspiratorial whisper to Alriana, "Don't forget to have you know who on stand by."

Tavaryn gave a slight clearing of his throat before leading Alriana out to the lifts. He keyed in the level where their quarters are and stood back just to look at her. He smiled and then said, "For some reason I get the distinct impression that there is something different about you. Nothing bad... you just look more... beautiful."


"It really doesn't matter does it. No matter what seems to happen the sith always return. No matter how many times we apparently vanquish them they always return."

Fen'Harel replied, "Everything must be balanced. It is the way of things." He had reiterated the basic lessons that all young Avalonians learned when they first began their training in the way of the sword.

"I think I need to spar with someone to clear my head. Waking up a hundred years in the future is a bit much. Is there anyone who you would recommend I could fight against?"

"I am sure that the admiral will know of someone. I believe that there is the commander of the elite squad known as Alpha team. They are considered the best and they do have residence here on the ship. I also think that there are a few others. I would ask the admiral." Fen'Harel looked at the boy. Perhaps it wold be wrong for him to interact with Tavaryn so much but they were both brothers of the shadows. He also felt bad since he did notice the look Xandros had when he spotted Tavayrn kissing the Jedi. That could lead to some problems but they would have to work it out. He then said, "I am glad that you are still alive Xandros."

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