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"Interrogation for starters. At least the LT is more inclined to ask questions first."

The Dark jedi smiled and couldn't help but laugh. "Do you honestly think that we know anything of value? We're a hundred years less advanced then you! What do you expect to learn?"

"For some reason I get the distinct impression that there is something different about you. Nothing bad... you just look more... beautiful."

Thanks for the compliment. She sent as her cheeks turned red. I appreciate it. She looked over at Tavaryn and smiled. "What did I do to deserve someone as wonderful as you?"

"I am glad that you are still alive Xandros."

Xandros cracked a small smile. "I'm glad that I'm still alive as well." he said as one of the surviving security team members walked up to them after overhearing their conversation.

I believe that there is the commander of the elite squad known as Alpha team. They are considered the best and they do have residence here on the ship. I also think that there are a few others. I would ask the admiral."

"Very well."

Xandros turned from Fen'harel to the approaching crewmember.

"Please excuse me for interrupting your conversation but I believe I know of someone you could spar with. His name is Xeran and he enjoys sparring with anyone he can find. He's a very talanted combatant and even Jedi Haltra is barely able to keep up with him."

Xandros smiled as he heard this. He knew he wasn't a match for a Shinigami in his current state. It would be nice to warm up with someone who wasn't as trained in combat as a Shinigami was. He didn't want to make anyone look bad...he simply wanted to fight someone at his current level of strength.
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