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"But then again, only an idiot would use a force field here instead of something more solid. That shouldn't be too hard to disrupt. I know we'll get out of this, but I'm worried about what the Sith want with our child, or at least unborn Jedi children and their parents."

Tonatius took a look at the access panel. He gave a wry grin and said, "Remember what you said about being an idiot and placing one of these things on the inside of a prison? Well there's a reason. This thing is shot so I can't press a button. I can try to hotwire it." He waved his multi tool at her to indicate what he was going to do. "Bad thing is that this will take time."

He started to work on the panel after opening it. He had some lessons from Andros but he was not a slicer by nature. He then said, "I wish your brother was here. He's the wire expert, not me."


"Do you honestly think that we know anything of value? We're a hundred years less advanced then you! What do you expect to learn?"

Tariq activated the Force inhibitors in the cell before activating the Force fields. He replied, "Maybe you know something, maybe not. We've learned to question everything strange that pops up."


"What did I do to deserve someone as wonderful as you?"

Tavaryn smiled as he saw the blush appear. If anything it made her more desirable. He replied, "That's what I often ask of myself: Why would the most beautiful and resourceful woman ever want to be with me?" Tavaryn then began to run a finger through one of the loose tresses of hair much in the same manner he did when they met each other on the Ackbar. They had been in battle then too and he chuckled. Looking at her he explained, "Just remembering when you came back into my life. We seem destined to be together in battle."


Andros looked at his father, "Well I know about the configurations. They've been transmitting for awhile now." He then felt something shiver up his spine. He then asked, "Father, do you think they could be in trouble?"


"I'm glad that I'm still alive as well."

Fen'Harel gave a smile to the boy. He waited while the security officer explained about training partners. He could see the determination in the boy's eyes. It's what made him particularly effective. Then as if he could read the boy's thoughts, "You are still one of us. Don't be afraid to look to your Brothers for help in training. From my understanding Tavaryn is a good teacher when it comes to combat. But the choice is yours and this Xeran may be helpful though I am surprised he hasn't challenged him yet."

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