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"Maybe you know something, maybe not. We've learned to question everything strange that pops up."

The dark jedi smiled an evil smile as the taller one began to wake up. "I think it would be wise to let you know something: We will escape...and I promise you that I will find you before I leave this ship."

"That's what I often ask of myself: Why would the most beautiful and resourceful woman ever want to be with me?"

Alriana smiled and playfully punched him on the shoulder. "You were there to help me...and to be honest your not exactly bad looking." She said playfully. " are exactly what I was looking for in a man. Kind...strong...and you have a sense of humor that I love."

"Just remembering when you came back into my life. We seem destined to be together in battle."

"I really hope that changes one day. I'm getting sick of everyone we meet fighting us. Someday I would like to just have at least a week without someone trying to kill us."

You are still one of us. Don't be afraid to look to your Brothers for help in training. From my understanding Tavaryn is a good teacher when it comes to combat. But the choice is yours and this Xeran may be helpful though I am surprised he hasn't challenged him yet."

Xandros smiled. "Don't worry, I plan on sparring with him as soon as I'm up to full strength. This...Xeran person might prove to be a challenging opponet." He turned to the solder who had told him about Xeran. "Where may I find this Xeran?"

"He can usually be found in the training room on deck seven. Just take the lift to deck seven and go to the end of the corridor. I should warn you...Some people think Xeran is a bit...unstable."
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