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"You were there to help me...and to be honest your not exactly bad looking." " are exactly what I was looking for in a man. Kind...strong...and you have a sense of humor that I love."

"You mean my witty one liners and self deprecating humor? Awww," Tavaryn replied with a chuckle. He pulled Alriana into an embrace giving him the opportunity to whisper in her ear, "Perhaps I could give you lessons in my brand of humor. I was told I was a good teacher."

Just then the lift signaled that it arrived on their deck. Tavaryn reluctantly let her go but took her hand and led her out when the door opened.

"I really hope that changes one day. I'm getting sick of everyone we meet fighting us. Someday I would like to just have at least a week without someone trying to kill us."

"You know we did meet someone that didn't want to kill us. The Shinigami that was frozen didn't attack us. So that's one," Tavaryn then said as he walked with her. It wasn't a long walk to their quarters and ever being the gentleman, he let her pass him first before walking in. He gave a slight sigh wondering best how to say what was on his mind.


Don't worry, I plan on sparring with him as soon as I'm up to full strength.

Fen'Harel chuckled. "More likely he'll let you have a go at him whether you're at full strength or not."


"I think it would be wise to let you know something: We will escape...and I promise you that I will find you before I leave this ship."

Tariq just stared at the dark Jedi and said, "You'd be better off going after the LT. He's the one with the lightsaber experience and a wicked blade."

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