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"You know we did meet someone that didn't want to kill us. The Shinigami that was frozen didn't attack us. So that's one,"

"Well...we also did meet two dark jedi who tried to kill everyone in the hanger and most likely would have gone on a killing rampage through the ship if we hadn't stopped them." Alriana said thoughtfully as Tavaryn let her walk into the quarters first.

"More likely he'll let you have a go at him whether you're at full strength or not."

Xandros chuckled once in response. "Let's just say at my current level I wouldn't be able to pose much of a threat. Perhaps another day."

Xandros turned and headed for the lift that the Ackbar crewman had pointed him toward. He turned once and waved back at Fen'Harel as the doors closed and the lift began to move towards deck seven.

"You'd be better off going after the LT. He's the one with the lightsaber experience and a wicked blade."

The shorter of the dark jedi started laughing and abruptly stopped as the taller one kicked him in the back. "Silence! That man who we fought possesed the lightsaber of the one jedi that escaped us. If what I suspect it true then we do not wish to make him angry."

Ackbar Training Room.

"Next." Xeran called out as the rodian hit the ground with a thud. Two crewmembers dragged him off the mat but that was it. No one else moved or even made eye contact with him.

"Come on...Isn't anyone brave enough to take me on?" Xeran taunted. Two crewmembers turned to the doorway and moved aside as Xandros stepped into the room.

"I hear that your quite the fighter." Xandros said as he walked into the center of the training room. Xeran looked his newest opponet over and then smiled. "I think I might be a bit out of your league." Xeran commented smugly."

Before Xeran could do anything, Xandros managed to close the distance and launched an uppercut towards his face. Xeran managed to move his face so it was only a glancing hit but it still hurt. He looked over his opponet with a newfound respect. Normally people had trouble even getting close to him but this was different. Xandros jumped backwards.

Xandros smiled. "Still think I'm out of your league?"

Xeran returned the smile. "Indeed I do."

Xeran ran at Xandros who put up his hands in a defensive position and got ready to defend against the incoming attack.
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