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"When it comes to tech, they say he's the best in the Order. That quantum stuff was his idea, and not even he understands it entirely. I don't think anyone does."

Tonatius grunted as he fiddled with the delicate wires, trying to remember the basics in slicing and hoped that he didn't shock himself. "I guess that's owed in part to Lady Jun-la. She encourages him to study every spare moment." Tonatius connected two wires. "I think I got it."

There was a slight beep and the force field went down. Tonatius let go of what he was working with and flipped his tool closed. "I guess that wasn't so hard. Shall we?" He held his hand out to Kalla after he took a look around.


"They would have landed in a swamp and made their way to Theed on foot, so we have no way of knowing, but it's very likely." "Does it seem like your sister has been acting a bit odd lately?"

Andros replied, "I wouldn't worry too much about them sneaking in but it is a risky assignment since the planet is occupied. As to sis, she was a bit jumpy before they left. She kept looking at Mr. Honorable like she wanted to say something but then back off. You think they're fighting?"


"Silence! That man who we fought possesed the lightsaber of the one jedi that escaped us. If what I suspect it true then we do not wish to make him angry."

Tariq raised his brow while he waited for the security team to arrive. "Dark Jedi afraid of the LT? That's a a switch. So who was this Jedi that you say escaped you?"


"Well...we also did meet two dark jedi who tried to kill everyone in the hanger and most likely would have gone on a killing rampage through the ship if we hadn't stopped them."

True. Tavaryn made sure the door was closed before removing his jacket and left it carelessly on one of the chairs before looking over his wardrobe. Grabbing what he wanted, he came up behind Alriana and said, "True but one should always look on the bright side. Now if you'll excuse me I think I'll take my half day in the shower." He gave a small pinch to her lower back and laughing headed towards the refresher at a run.

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