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"Dark Jedi afraid of the LT? That's a a switch. So who was this Jedi that you say escaped you?"

The taller of the dark jedi growled. "He was a former jedi general in the clone wars. General Obi-Wan Kenobi I believe his name was. No matter how many dark jedi fought him he always would emerge victorious and than disappear for long periods of time. After we fought him he disappeared again and no one saw him again."

The Dark jedi looked at the shorter one again and then looked back at Tariq. "I have a theory...I believe that someonemanaged to find him and took him to some world beyond the Outer rim. But it's just a theory."

"True but one should always look on the bright side. Now if you'll excuse me I think I'll take my half day in the shower."

Alriana jumped slightly when he pinched her lower back and narrowed her eyes. "Big mistake." She said laughing as she ran in after him. "And remember, we should be leaving within a half-hour!"

Ackbar Training Room

Admiral Belina was walking down the hallway towards the lift when she heard faint cheering coming from the training room. Lady Jun-la could wait a few minutes, she thought as she headed for the training room and opened the door. What she saw made her stop cold.

Xeran and Xandros were locked in combat in the middle of the training room with around twenty of the Ackbar's crew members cheering them on and exchanging credit chips with each other.

She pushed her way past the crewmembers but stopped to talk to one. "How long has this been going on? And who's winning?"

The crewmember gulped when he recognized who she was. "Admiral. They've been fighing for around ten minutes now. And I don't know who's winning but I'm thinking Xeran might."

Belina turned to look at the combatants and then turned back to the crewmember and handed him a credit chip worth around fifty credits. "Put my money on Xandros. I have a good feeling about this."

The crewmember's eyes were filled with confusion but he took the credit chip anyway. "Yes Admiral."

"I'm going to dinner with a few friends but when I come back I want this room to be empty. Do you understand?"

"Yes Admiral."

Belina smiled at him and then turned and walked out into the hallway towards Lady Jun-La's and Matton's quarters.
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