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"I have a theory...I believe that someone managed to find him and took him to some world beyond the Outer rim. But it's just a theory."

Tariq stood there with a raised brow. He was familiar with the Negotiator from the Clone wars. He studied the wars and the battles. He knew that the Jedi went into hiding when the Empire was created. He didn't believe that they tried to overthrow the Republic. It was propaganda. He replied, "Probably a common occurrence since your kind hunted the Jedi like animals."

"And remember, we should be leaving within a half-hour!"

Tavaryn had managed to pull off his shirt leaving him bare chested when she ran in after him. He blocked her way towards the shower and looked down at her and replied, "Of course my dear though I must say that you are rather anxious to eat. Has your appetite increased while I wasn't looking?"

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