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"Probably a common occurrence since your kind hunted the Jedi like animals."

The taller of the two glanced at the shorter one. "Perhaps it would interest you to know that when the purge began I was a padawan. I was captured and turned to the darkside."

The taller one grinned darkly. "If only you could feel the would know why the darkside is so tempting...Why some chose it and why some who were tortured finally gave in. You can feel the power flowing through you! You feel that you can do anything!"

"Of course my dear though I must say that you are rather anxious to eat. Has your appetite increased while I wasn't looking?"

Alriana raised her left eyebrow. "I'm sorry? But what did you just say? I did want to get down there quickly so I could meet Jun-La's daughter...and I assumed that you wanted to meet her as well."

Alriana gathered the force around and smiled at Tavaryn as she gently force pushed him into the shower and walked in after him. "Now...what was that about me wanting to eat more?"
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