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"It sounds like the Naboo decided to start the party without us. We have to get our weapons back, and find Markath. We'd save time if we split up. Which do you want, evidence lockers or the warden's office?"

Tonatius raised a brow at Kalla. He then asked, "And do you want me to start worrying more than usual?" He was not one to solely admit his feelings but when he was concerned he would drop a hint of it. At the moment he was on a rapid space ride. He was sent on a mission with his beloved and he found out that he was going to be a father. Now they had been captured and the Sith wanted something with the child. It wasn't a usual circumstance and he wanted to let Kalla know it. "And don't try thr bossy logic with me," he added for good measure.


"If they've been fighting, she hasn't talked to me about it. They're not teenagers anymore."

"True Dad but aren't fathers supposed to be overprotective of their daughters even if they are Jedi?" Andros looked at his father with a smirk.


"I'm sorry? But what did you just say? I did want to get down there quickly so I could meet Jun-La's daughter...and I assumed that you wanted to meet her as well."

Tavaryn maintained a smile. He liked teasing her though he could see at the moment she was lost on it. He replied, "Oh I am excited to meet Kaillian. I see no need to rush. It's not like dinner will suddenly sprout legs and run away."

"Now...what was that about me wanting to eat more?"

Tavaryn felt the push and let it carry him. His eyes never left hers as she followed him into the shower. He placed his hands on her waist and replied, "Well I'm not the one who insisted that we hurry but it is no worry. I like it when a woman has a healthy appetite." He kissed her on the lips while his hands worked their way up to undo her hair.


"If only you could feel the would know why the darkside is so tempting...Why some chose it and why some who were tortured finally gave in. You can feel the power flowing through you! You feel that you can do anything!"

"Feeling you can do anything comes from the feeling of success." Atriq then turned to see the security team arrive. He gave them their orders to watch the prisoners and took his leave to brief Alpha Team and check up on injuries.

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