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"Yes you did express quite an interest in her. Thinking of training her yourself?"

Alriana smiled. "Actually...Ever since I heard about her I have been thinking of asking her parents if I could teach her a little of what I learned back in the days before the purge. I've been studying the jedi order of today and I would honestly like to show her some of the teachings of the jedi order of my era."

Resistance Vessel Death's Head

"Grand Admiral Velerc. I have just recieved a message from the Ackbar. Apparently they found a Shinigami and two dark jedi from the era of the jedi purge."

Velerc turned to look at his first officer. "Really? I assume that they were stuck in cryo-sleep for them to have lived this long?"

"Yes sir they were. We have also recieved a message packet from the Ackbar. It appears that they have managed to figure out where the sith are going to attack next. The planet Dagobah appears to be the next target."

"Contact the Ackbar and ask them if they require any assistance in setting up an attack force."

"Yes sir."

Deep Space. Sith vessel Fury

The cathar who had once been known as Varith and now went by the name Darth Corial allowed the dark side of the force to fill him with power. Since he had joined the sith he had learned much...much more then he would have learned as a renegade jedi who was always on the run.

Now...he was planning revenge upon the two who had managed to beat him back during his battle with them aboard the Ackbar. Now he knew the name of those two thanks to sith spys who had managed to place themselves in the resistance.

Jedi Alriana Haltra and Tavaryn Onashi.

As soon as he had found out the names of his two foes he had studied everything that he could find on them, the names of family, combat techniques and their relationships with others.

He had learned quite a bit. And now it was time to put his newest technique to the test. He opened himself fully to the force and reached out through space to touch the mind of the one known as Alriana and briefly touched her mind, only for a moment but it was enough for her to look up sharply for a moment and then shrug her shoulders.

Inside his ship Corial raised his arms in triumph. He now had a new weapon to use against the jedi, one that they would have no defense against.
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