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"Actually...Ever since I heard about her I have been thinking of asking her parents if I could teach her a little of what I learned back in the days before the purge. I've been studying the jedi order of today and I would honestly like to show her some of the teachings of the jedi order of my era."

Tavaryn gave a slight chuckle as his hand went back to her waist. He teased her some more, "I think eating habits of the Jedi haven't changed that much. Now if you'll excuse me, all this talk of food is making me hungry so I'll spend my half day in the shower now."

He kicked off his boots towards the side and turned on the shower to show that he meant it. he then noticed something flicker in Alriana's expression. He asked, "Is something the matter? Don't tell me you tire of my jokes already."


"You're right. This is different, and it terrifies me. We're alone on an occupied world, and the Sith want to do something to our child. But I can't just let my fear get the better of me. Especially not now." "We need to get our weapons back, then we need to break King Markath out, and we need answers from that Sith Lord."

Tonatius nodded and looked around. He saw a thing metal rod and with his strength managed to yank it free. He tested it before handing it to Kalla. "It may not deflect blaster bolts but it can still be swung like a blade." He then took her hand and led her down a hall keeping track of any sign of guards.

He managed to find the locker their weapons were stored in. He felt relief that he had his blade back and he could tell that Kalla was glad to have her lightsaber back when he handed it to her. He gave her a quick kiss on the temple and said, "If we can find an armory, we can have something more to surprise an enemy or two."

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