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"Is something the matter? Don't tell me you tire of my jokes already."

Alriana shook her head. "I..don't know. For a split second I could have sworn that there was someone here...with us right now. I'm sorry, I don't see anyone else so I must have been wrong."

She smiled uneasily. "I'm...going to go get ready if that's alright with you." She looked up at the celling as if searching for something and then began walking out so she could change clothes.

Ackbar Bridge

"Incoming transmission from the Death's Hear sir." The comn officer said. Koral, who was the ranking officer on the bridge at the moment nodded. "Put it on screen."

A blue-skinned chiss filled the screen. The chiss bowed respectfully. "Excuse me for the interruption but we were recently contacted by one of your officers about the Sith's next target being Dagobah. We are contacting you to let you know that we have two special forces squads ready to deploy if you need them."

Koral nodded. "I will let the Admiral know when she is back on duty. As you may have known we had an incident earlier today and she gave everyone the rest of the day off."

"Very well." The chiss said and the screen went blank.
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