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"What do you have in mind?" Kalla asked. She then tried her best to slice into a nearby terminal for information. With a bit of luck, she was able to pull it off.

"I've managed to locate Markath's cell, and whatever the Sith are planning, they don't want anyone to know about it, not even their own soldiers. Rather than put it under maximum security, they've omitted it from their computer records entirely. Talk about top secret." Kalla commented. She then took Tonatius by the hand, and led him down the prison halls.


"Good, you're here, and the people have begun their revolt. Everything is going as planned." King Markath commented as Kalla and Tonatius approached his cell.

"Excuse me?" Kalla asked, unsure if the King wasn't actually a triple agent.

"I trust Darth Sykal told you how I tricked him into putting me on the throne. That's not all I've done to deceive him. He thinks I was carelessly lax in encrypting the message I sent to the resistance, but in truth, I wanted him to catch me, because I knew exactly how the people would respond to that." Markath explained.

"He could have had you executed." Kalla remarked.

"Then I would have served the Naboo in both life and death." Markath added.

Kalla smiled at that. "The Resistance needs more people like you." She commented.

"As soon as Naboo is free, you will have our full support." Markath replied.

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