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"I suppose what I want to talk to you about couls wait too though I would prefer now. However I am willing to wait."

Alriana smiled. "Thank you Tavaryn. Don't worry, I'm sure that we'll have plenty to talk about after dinner with Jun-La and Matton. I'm going to go get dressed now."

She kissed Tavaryn gently on the cheek and walked out of the shower and headed for the bedroom so she could change.

"I'll take whatever pay you can manage comfortably, I have a ship I don't intend to leave behind. Give me coordinates and I'll come to you."

Belina sent the coordinates after thinking for a moment. "The coordiantes are three twenty five mark two. We will be waiting for you directly outside the Tython system. Belina out."

Belina thought for a moment on what she had just done. But if what she had heard was true...Kavrik could be an important ally. The Sith feared him and tried to stay away from him.

She continued heading for Jun-la and Matton's quarters and after walking for a short time she arrived outside the door. She paused for a moment and then knocked lightly.
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