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This game kicks ass on many levels. I would describe it as "Blade Runner" meets MGS, and Mass Effect 2. With FPS combat, a true duck and cover system that mirrors "Gears of War", and a straight RPS story system, which allows you to choose your dialogue as well as how you plan your missions. The story takes place in 2027. You play as Adam Jensen, who was kicked off of Police SWAT, over a bogus call, and hand picked to be the chief security officer of a corporate executive who deals in experimental robotic augmentation. After a black ops espionage goes south, facing death you are augmented with cybernetic arms, and the ability to see a heads up display through cybernetic sunglasses.

The game is pretty straight forward, and allows you to choose how you want to plot out any mission given to you. You can go in stealth, guns a blazing, or hack your way through computers. The AI is stellar, and the FPS gun play is similar to that of Mass Effect 2. Even the music echoes that of Vangelis' "Blade Runner" soundtrack. This game is just all about awesome!

I originally ordered the PS3 version, but due to a last minute customer issue, I traded my PS3 for 360, which was really no different from that of the PS3. In the augmented version, there is a bonus art book, and extra disc which contains a "making of" video, several trailers, and a downloadable soundtrack. So far I give this game a solid 90%!

Somebody actually traded this in.... According to GameStop it has no different value than that of the regular edition. So I snagged up this edition and returned my other copy. The codes were already used, but all of the swag is in tact. I am actually considering hunting down a legendary edition since I am on a hopeless Halo addiction at the moment!
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