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"It's a small holo-music player. You press one of the buttons and it plays a short child's song. I really didn't know what else to get her."

Jun-la smiled as she accepted the package. She then teased, "Yes I am sure such 'contraband' would be difficult to get through. Thank you." She then shifted Kaillian who was regarding the admiral with a curious gaze. The baby then reached over and pulled on one of the medals on the Admiral's uniform. "Pity" Kaillian said.

Jun-la replied, "Yes pretty." She then offered Kaillian to the admiral. "It's all right admiral. She won't bite... if you are watching her." She grinned as she said it.

At that moment, Kaillian started wriggling. She felt something in her mind and in response shouted in her mind Go away! Jun-la sensed it as well and added mentally a protection with a clear warning.


Tavaryn finished drying his hair when he felt something tug at the back of his mind. He whipped around as if he sensed something or someone was there and ended up knocking over some jars that had things that women used along with the soap. They clattered to the ground as he looked around, trying to see who did that. Hastily he picked up everything and put it back on the counter, making more noise and a cluttered mess.

"Are you ready to go?"

Distracted from his search, Tavaryn opened the door and stepped out. He stammered out, "Yes. I'm ready." He gave a smile and held out his elbow, "Shall we my dear?"

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