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"Yes I am sure such 'contraband' would be difficult to get through. Thank you."

Belina smiled slyly. "You'd be suprised. We don't often keep children's toys aboard the Ackbar."

"It's all right admiral. She won't bite... if you are watching her."

Admiral Belina took the offered child who was wiggling and gently took her in her arms. "Is something wrong with her?" Belina asked with concern evident in her eyes.

Go away!

Corial concentrated as he pulled away from the child and Tavaryn and then focused on yet another force-user...this one was confused...and he hadn't been on the Republic flagship before. This was a new mind. He gently reached out and touched it...

And then was nearly slammed off balance as the mind he was touching sent some sort of feedback through the link that kicked him out of his mind and closed it off. But before the mind closed entirely three words were sent through the link...something that made him slightly nervous.

You are prey...

Xandros had finished up his match against Xeran but there had been no clear winner, the two of them were evenly matched. He couldn't help but smile at some of the tactics Xeran had used and he agreed with what some of the people had said about Xeran.

He was clearly slightly crazy.

He was about to head back down to talk to Fen'harel when he felt a sudden intrusion in his mind. After only a moment of thought he sent a burst of force energy back along the link. He could tell three things from the intrusion. One: whoever this was wasn't aboard the ship. Two: Whoever was doing this did not have pure intentions and three: it was most likely a dark force user.

Just before he closed off his mind he sent a message through the link...something that would be understood.

You are prey...

"Shall we my dear?"

Alriana locked elbows with Tavaryn and smiled but the smile faded slightly when she saw the look in his eyes. "Are you alright?" She asked gently.
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