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"Is something wrong with her?"

Jun-la had been focusing on the intruder to her daughter's mind and she sent a menacing emotion through to make her point. She diverted her attention back to the admiral and answered, "I think someone is trying to reach through the Force. It is not a friendly presence at all. However I think someone besides me gave a clear warning."

She then smiled and said, "Kaillian is sensitive but she'll be find. She can do things that most younglings are taught. Come on in and have a seat."


"Are you alright?"

Tavaryn had been focusing on the intrusion in his mind that he almost didn't hear Alriana speak. It was familiar and he didn't like it. He frowned a moment before he diverted his attention away from it to answer Alriana's question, "No I'm not. Someone was reaching out and it wasn't friendly." He focused again and he sensed agitation from... "How cruel!" He suddenly said.


"We'll figure something out."

Tonatius looked at the passkey and the control panel. He asked "Should I attempt a hotwiring?"

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