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Ackbar Bridge

"Akbar, my ship is the Freedom, and my name is Kavrik Zall. I've accepted employment from your Admiral Belina. Requesting permission to board."

Garja, who had stopped by the bridge for one last look before enjoying his day off hit one of the controls.

"Freedom, this is Admiral Garja aboard the Ackbar. You are cleared to dock in docking bay three. After you arrive I inform the Admiral of your arrival. I will most likely be meeting with you in one of the conferance rooms."

Garja sighed. It looked like his day off was going to have to wait.

"I think someone is trying to reach through the Force. It is not a friendly presence at all. However I think someone besides me gave a clear warning."

"I'm sorry to hear that." Belina said and she honestly was. It was times like this she was glad she wasn't able to feel the force. "Is this something that I should warn my security officer of when she arrives?"

"Kaillian is sensitive but she'll be find. She can do things that most younglings are taught. Come on in and have a seat."

Belina smiled and sat down in one of the chairs. She sniffed the air and her eyes lit up. "Wow. Something smells good. If I may ask what is being made?"

"No I'm not. Someone was reaching out and it wasn't friendly."

Alriana narrowed her eyes and reached out through the force and found nothing out of the ordinary. "Whatever it is must have left. I can't sense anything."

"How cruel!"

Alriana looked over at Tavaryn. "What happened?" She asked urgently. "Is whatever it is back?!"
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