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"There you go little one, now you can say that your the only child on the Ackbar with a medal of honor."

Kaillian grabbed the medal and held it up. "Pity." The two year old then wrapped her arms around Belina's neck. "Tank you, Beli"

Jun-la smiled and said, "I think you have a new friend Admiral."

Matton, after hearing the admiral's comments about being able to use the eating utensils, he said, "Before you know it, she'll be wanting to join you on the bridge if you keep that up." He grinned before heading back into the kitchenette to finish what he was doing.

Kaillian laughed some more and said, "Tavy coming!"


"I think we should head on down to Jun-la's quarters and make sure Kaillian is alright. be honest I am getting a bit hungry." "No jokes about me being hungry."

Tavaryn chuckled as Alriana wagged her finger at him. His dark mood was temporary abated but not forgotten. There would be plenty of time to worry about that later. Kaillian mattered now. He reached out tentatively, exercising his Force faculties and reached out to the child. He had always been aware of her presence but he never had the chance to physically see her. When he reached out, she let out a squeal of joy and he was bombarded with her emotions of joy and love. He chuckled and said to Alriana, "I think Kaillian's fine. She's happy now."

He reached for Alriana's hand and engulfed it in his large ones before gently tucking it into his elbow. He then led the way to the lift since Jun-la was on the deck above theirs. He smiled slyly and said, "It is true that I like a girl with a good appetite."


"You go on ahead, I'll catch up with you in a moment."

Tonatius gave a look towards Kalla before following Markath around the corner. He had a suspicion of what this was about and was concerned. He said nothing until she caught up with them. Right away he noticed her pale expression. He asked silently, The baby?

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