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"I think you have a new friend Admiral."

Belina couldn't help but smile. At one point in her life she had thought about settling down and starting a family but with the fall of the republic and managing the resistance forces, the opportunity would most likely never present itself.

"You know...if you ever need a babysitter for her I'd be willing to do it." Belina said quietly. "I can always lock up the blasters and swords in my cabin when you need a babysitter."

"Before you know it, she'll be wanting to join you on the bridge if you keep that up."

Belina couldn't contain her laughter. She burst out laughing at the thought of what garja would say if a child came on the bridge. "I honestly think that Garja would most likely faint if she came on the bridge with me."

"I think Kaillian's fine. She's happy now."

Alriana grinned. "How much do you want to bet that the Admiral decided to get a present for her?"

"It is true that I like a girl with a good appetite."

Alriana glared at him and then playfully punched him in the arm using her free hand. "What did I say about eating jokes?" She asked in a mock serious voice.
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