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"You know...if you ever need a babysitter for her I'd be willing to do it." Belina said quietly. "I can always lock up the blasters and swords in my cabin when you need a babysitter."

Jun-la studied her daughter as she was clinging to the admiral's neck. Kaillian was perceptive for a toddler and seemed to make friends with even the crustiest of men. One of the engineers was won over when she offered him a cookie once. She replied, "That is a gracious offer Admiral and you are always welcome to drop by and say hello."

"I honestly think that Garja would most likely faint if she came on the bridge with me."

Matton laughed at that comment ans shouted from the kitchenette, "Oh I think Kaillian will turn him into a softie before that happens."

Kaillian bounced up and down in the admiral's arms as she told the admiral again, "Tavy coming!"


"How much do you want to bet that the Admiral decided to get a present for her?"

Tavaryn hummed a chuckle as he pressed the button to wait for the lift. He replied, "I'm not betting anything. I know that Belina got her something but I'm willing to be Kaillian charmed something else out of her."

When Alriana playfully punched him after his not to subtle eating jokes he said in mock hurt, "I told you I bruise easily. Besides you're the one providing the material for comedic relief my dear." He kissed her forehead.

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