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Yeah Kalla sent back. Then, she said to Markath, "It's nothing."

"Your friend doesn't seem to think it's nothing." Markath commented.

Recognising that she and Tonatius could trust the King, Kalla stated, "That's because I'm carrying his child. So it is nothing, or at least nothing I wasn't expecting."

"This no place for-" Markath was about to say before Kalla interrupted.

"A pregnant woman? I know, but there's not much we can do about that." Kalla replied.

"Come on then." The King conceded.


When the trio made it outside, they saw that situation was just as Kalla predicted; the Naboo had begun their revolt already. The Royal Guard had turned on their Sith "comrades" and ordinary citizens retaliated with weapons they had either stolen or stashed away.

"There's a broadcast system set up in the throne room. Under the circumstances, that would have to be the best way to address the people." Markath stated.

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