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"Freedom, this is Admiral Garja aboard the Ackbar. You are cleared to dock in docking bay three. After you arrive I inform the Admiral of your arrival. I will most likely be meeting with you in one of the conferance rooms."

Flicking off the com system, Kavrik aimed the ship for the designated docking bay. As he touched down inside it and sent ship systems into standby, he spoke.

"Lys, Freedom's got sophisticated scanning systems," he said. "Now that we're inside their defenses, run a quick scan, tell me how many Force-sensitives we have aboard. No, scratch that. Just tell me how many trained ones."

"There are a lot of people aboard," Lys answered. "Sorting Force-sensitives from non-Force-sensitives will take time, and then further sorting the trained from the untrained..."

"Yeah, yeah," Kavrik interrupted. "Just send the results to me when you're finished, thanks."

"If you say so."

Satisfied, Kavrik left the ship.

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