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I would have said reddish (others have said "magenta") tint, but yeah.

As for the cropping, you may be right, as I didn't study the screenshots for a long time. Most movies are cropped, but in any case, I presume it's closer to the theatrical presentation in terms of the framing at least.

As for the colors, am I remembering wrong, or wasn't the first "digital source" in the series Episode II? Episode I was shot on film, not DV tape like the other two. We can only assume they are the original colors if they didn't do some kind of "restoration" on the digital scan like they did with the 2004 transfers. All the movies are scanned into HD digital form now, but the question is what other sorts of unknown tweaks have been done since then.

Without comparing the negative, we've got the VHS and Laserdiscs to compare I suppose, since it's been a decade since it's been in theaters.

Thanks. I realize we're speculating at this point, but we'll fill the time until we know more.

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