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"It looks like your the best possible gift we could have gotten her. I hope she doesn't wear you out."

Tavaryn didn't say anything for Kaillian spotted Alriana and shouted, "Alri! Lookie Pitty!" She held up the medal that Belina gave her. She wriggled so much that she flopped over Tavaryn's shoulder trying to grab the Jedi. "Tavy want to show Alri pitty!"

It was like trying to hold Murasaki when she was that age yet to Tavaryn, he was used to it and grabbed Kaillian to keep her from falling off. He stepped backwards to be within reaching distance and held on while Kaillian waved the medal around.

"See Alri. Pitty!" Kaillian shoved the medal in Alriana's face.

Jun-la was laughing and Matton came out with a few platters balanced on his arms. He said, "Is that laughter I hear?"

Jun-la replied, "Indeed and plenty more. Am I right Admiral?"


Tonatius followed Kalla to the hangar bay, determined to find this Sith Lord and end the trouble on this planet. He knew Kalla was anxious too and more more reasons. He stayed a pace behind to watch out for her back. When then were closer to the hangar, he asked, "So how do we take this Sith Lord?"

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