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"Right now I'm more worried about the Death Guards. You remember what fighting them was like." Kalla commented. "I think our best bet is to single him out, and then lure him into the Generator Complex. Remember what Markath said. Sykal's strength lies in intimidation, not combat."

As the two of them entered the Hangar, they spotted the Naboo guard attempting to fight their way to their ships on one side with Sith Troopers, led by Darth Sykal and his Death Guards.

"They haven't spotted us yet; I have an idea." Kalla whispered to Tonatius, but before they said more, a booming voice came through the speakers.

"People of Naboo! Through the aid of the Jedi, I have escaped the Sith's prisons, but too many have not been so lucky. For months we have suffered under the chains of Sith rule, but I say NO MORE! The Sith Occupation of Naboo ENDS TONIGHT!" King Markath's rousing speech elicited wary cheers from the Naboo, and they continued to fight with a renewed vigour, and motivation to free their world.

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