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Credit goes to Didz for finding/fixing this.

In MP, misc_model_static entities' model bounds loading code is incorrect leading to disappearing cliffs and stuff on maps such as t1_surprise and hoth2.

In cg_main.c, search for void CG_CreateModelFromSpawnEnt(cgSpawnEnt_t *ent)

About 44 lines after that inside the function, find:
	VectorScaleVector(mins, ent->scale, mins);
	VectorScaleVector(maxs, ent->scale, maxs);
Replace these lines with:
	//[Invalid Model Bounds Fix]
	//VectorScaleVector(mins, ent->scale, mins);
	//VectorScaleVector(maxs, ent->scale, maxs);
	VectorScaleVector(mins, RefEnt->modelScale, mins);
	VectorScaleVector(maxs, RefEnt->modelScale, maxs);
	//[/Invalid Model Bounds Fix]

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