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Tonatius nodded, remembering fighting the Death Guard. Not a pleasant experience and one he was trying to delay for some time. He followed Kalla and when they were in hiding to take a look at what to do he said, "I agree we lure him out. What do you have in mind?"


"I'm almost tempted to hand over another one of my medals to Kaillian though."

Jun-la looked over at her daughter who was waving the medal at Alriana and trying to grab both Tavaryn and the Jedi at the same time. She chuckled and replied, "She would love it but I think she would rather play with people."

Kaillian managed to squirm out of Tavaryn's arms and grab a hold of Alriana. She squealed, "Alri!" She gave a neck crushing hug to the Jedi. At one point she nuzzled Alriana's neck to whisper, "Tavy wov you."

"I must say again...whatever it is your cooking really smells good."

Matton gave his scoundrel's grin and replied, "It was how I won the heart of a Jedi."

Jun-la gave a mock scowl and replied, "No it was sheer attitude."

Matton laughed as he caarried the plates to the table. "Well that's everything. I'm guessing you all are hungry?"

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