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"Look at the turrets on those fighters. We might be able to use them to take out the Death Guards from a distance." Kalla explained. "Of course, we'd only be able to take a single shot before they see us, so we'll have to make it count. Best to aim for the Death Guards."

Kalla then led Tonatius across the rafters, and gestured towards a fighter for him to get into before getting into another one herself. "Now!" She called out, and their two shots were able to strike the Death Guards down, along with several Sith Troopers. Knowing they had been spotted, she immediately drew her lightsaber, and leapt down to the floor.

"Troopers! Execute them!" Darth Sykal shouted out.

"Only a coward has others do his killing for him!" Kalla shouted back. "He who gives the sentence should swing the sword."

"Leave the Jedi and her boyfriend to me." Sykal instructed the Troopers, "I don't care about Pestilus' grudge against you, or how valuable your unborn child would be to the Sith, you will die by my hand!"

Kalla just calmly replied with, "We'll see about that."

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