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"Alright Kaillian, this is what happens when tavy makes fun of me."

When Kaillian watched Alriana punch Tavaryn she let out a giggle. With her little hand she slapped Tavaryn's hand on the chair. "Tavy tease Alri."

Tavaryn knew he was outnumbered but that didn't mean he would take it lying down. He said, "Well Kaillian this is what happens when Alri punches me." He then gave her a kiss on the cheek and gave a saucy grin that said clearly he was up to her game.

Kaillian squealed and wrapped her arms around her Tavy's neck so that when he straightened up she was hanging off him. He grinned at her and said, "Seems like you already know your mind."

Kaillian giggled as Tavaryn sat next to Alriana. Jun-la made a face and said, "Such a little manipulator. Much like her father."

"Hey," Matton fiegned injury. He then offered glasses of tea from Avalon. "Tea anyone?"


Tonatius drew out his own blade and stood ready to defend Kalla's back. He said, "Only one side will remain standing this day and it certainly won't be you."

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