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Originally Posted by Psyk0Sith View Post
Pretty sweet! i think a bit of specular highlights would really help the horse's armor tho, unless you want to use a shader.

For anyone interested, the problem for shady was simply using the wrong plugin, so if you are a trying to make new humanoid anims you absolutely need the original plugin from the SDK. So it looks like you need to use Max 5: in later versions of the plugin the XSI exporter writes a "max_Scene_root" that screws up everything.
Ok I'm really ashamed...
I have forgotten how I put the new animations ingame >.>

Ok, I have the animation done in the biped, I export the .xsi and check all the boxes (Mesh, Animations, Bones, Point Weights, Basepose Transforms, SRT Transforms) so then I open Assimilate and load up that .xsi. But here's the problem, it won't compile the .gla because there are meshes without weights or because of heriarchy problems. I'm using the exact same .max that I used back then to make that horse riding animations.

If someone is still around - Help!

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