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Well, this has been a long time in coming, and this is not really how I thought I would get it started, but oh well here we go. This first post will be heavily edited, so for today we will just start with the basic idea of the thread.

The Premise

I like to dabble in things, modding wise. I am not especially talented in any of them, but I guess I like the challenge of scripting, so that is where I find myself most of the time when involving myself in Holowan-style activities.

There are some tutorials on scripting that are quite excellent, and I have some example oriented add-on tutorials half-written for some of the superb work of tk102 and stoffe. However, scripting can be a very dry or confusing subject, and so I have always wanted to have an area where I could work out loud on the scripts I am working on, and also share smart scripts that I find or make that might be helpful. It is hopefully also a place where I can learn a few things, from the masters as well as the rooks.

Also, this is a place to ask for help with a script! Please though, do me a little courtesy and don't just turn this into a script request thread - I am not that skilled, and I have better things to do. However, if you are confused by something, or are having a hard time working something out, or are just stuck - share what you have, and we can try to work through it together. If I can't get it, I will bother some of my scripting mentors enough that maybe they will post a clue!

As I said, this post will be edited a great deal. I am starting it right now because I feel guilty to be hijacking j7's tinkering's thread

That said, the first post for now shall contain the recent little script I am working on for Force Fashion K1. I think it is a useful template for giving specific items according to class, and anyone can use it - I don't expect a credit in your ReadMe (unless I actually make new scripts for ya ) so feel free to use and alter and *improve* at will!

Originally Posted by Myself the Hijacker View Post
Just thought I would share this in this thread, since it is active and it does pertain to part of FFK1...
or I was just trying to be a shiny object. ooooooh

This might be a handy script for many folks, so I am sharing it here as a generic script that you can cut & paste, with simple variable name substitution. This will spawn specific items in a container according to a PC's class.

// qg - to spawn class-specific clothing to a container
//       9/20/2011

/* int CLASS_TYPE_SOLDIER       = 0;
   int CLASS_TYPE_SCOUT         = 1;
   int CLASS_TYPE_SCOUNDREL     = 2;
   int CLASS_TYPE_MINION        = 8; */

void main()
   object oPC=GetFirstPC();
   object oContainer=GetObjectByTag("containertag");
   int iClass=GetClassByPosition(1,oPC);

   switch (iClass) 
      case 0:
      case 1:
      case 2:
So, there is a general example of what is going on here. I will be reserving the first post after this one, for the possibility that something actually happens here and there is a need down the road for a little organization.

Happy Modding

Credits: tk102, stoffe, beancounter, RedHawke, DarthStoney, bead-v, Varsity Puppet, Pavlos, Tupac Amaru and JdNoa - I learned it from watching you, ok?!?!?!!!

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