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Exclamation Ultimate Sith Edition: Glitchy skies

Okay I installed USE on a new PC (notebook actually, HP Pavilion dv7-6185us), immediately installed the 1.2 patch and I ran it in 1600x900 with high detail, and here's what happened.

It was somewhat choppy (I searched in vain for a way to uncap the 30 fps limit, I found a program that purported to allow 60 fps but it was only for Force Unleashed 2), but the skies were really messed up. Basically as soon as I moved around or looked with the mouse, I got the infamous "hall of mirrors" blurry effect, and some slowdown. I thought my drivers were up to date, and my direct X as well but I'm not sure what's going on.
I tried running it with "high detail" unchecked in the launcher but I have the same problem as before.

My specs are (over the recommended):

Win7 professional (64 bit), Intel Core i7 (up to 2.9 Ghz, iirc), 6 GB DDR3 Ram, Radeon HD 6409M, 1600x900 60 Hz display, BluRay/DVD Supermulti drive.

PS: I have the latest DX 11 drivers and (I think) the latest manufacturer HP graphics drivers. Any help is appreciated!

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