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void main() 

   object oJerico = GetObjectByTag("n_jercor");
   object oSpeeder = GetObjectByTag("jerico_speeder");
   object oSound=GetObjectByTag("swoopidleloopj");
   SetGlobalFadeOut(0.5, 1.5);
   DelayCommand(2.4, DestroyObject(oJerico));
   DelayCommand(2.4, DestroyObject(oSpeeder));
   SetGlobalFadeIn(3.0, 1.5));

I think the problem there is that you were trying to double delay something. It is like adding a dimmer and dimming a lightbulb that is already on another dimmer.... it will flicker and not work properly. Just a guess, but try the new version. I simply lengthened the delay that is built into SetGlobalFadeIn to the length of your delay command.

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