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My .02:

If "the Force" in Star Wars is akin to a godlike entity, and the tenets of the Jedi and Sith are analogous to religion, then Kreia trying to "kill the Force" is like her trying to "kill God". If she would have succeeded, this would therefore have proven that the teachings on both sides of the Jedi/Sith conflict were wrong. However, what Kreia discovers at the end of TSL is that "killing the Force/God" is futile and impossible. The Exile physically lived without the Force, being cut off from it, but s/he was also in severe emotional and metaphysical/spiritual pain. Chodo Habat noticed this, along with many other characters.

As for Kreia? I'm wondering how she re-learned the Force, and heard it "sing" within her after she was stripped of her power by Sion and Nihilus. If she hated the Force that much, then why would she choose to use it again? To "learn how to kill it", as she said on Malachor V? Maybe, and perhaps she really believed this, but ultimately she admits that even this was a lame excuse to hide her dependence on the Force.
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