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Im going to go out on a limb and say that this is either a very simplified early version or not the real plot.

Sorry for the spelling or writing,....using cell to post this.

There are some items mentioned while others left out that causes me to doubt the source...

Number one is that the person does not show how this book connect to existing information known about Revan or hk-47.

Swtor's reveal on Revan show that the Sith will now know what he was hiding in his base ... which if Revan is drugged or in a cryo in large points in the book... How did this base come about? When did he build it ?

There is also mention in the Revan reveal that the Sith seem to talking as if Revan is either dead or unknown where he is now. If he was in cryo... Why talk about him in such manner.

Then comes the mask being shown on an alter. If Revan was in cryo... He would be wearing the mask... How would it get there.

The poster never talks about HK 47 who everyone loves... When we know hk is at This secret Revan base.

I would like the poster to actually post more informative details since it comes off as the poster hates the book and never connects it to what is known from swtor info.

I wish people would not take posts like this persons at face value. There is no proof he has the book. The one image I can see shows no content just a title page which can easily be created in photoshop.


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