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Tavaryn looked at Alriana and replied, "Yes."

He couldn't say more since the alarms were going off. He put Kaillian on the couch and sprang off it in one fluid motion. He then said something in Avalonian and Kaillian nodded and tottered off towards her room. He glanced at Alriana and said, "She's going to play hide and seek for a while."

Jun-la followed her daughter along with Matton. They knew the inner workings of the ship as well as the crew and a few extras. She nodded at her uncle and he nodded back. Matton followed her with their daughter into Kaillian's room and went about in preparation.

Tavaryn pulled out his own lightsaber and turned it around in his hands. He then held it in one hand, ready to ignite it.

That doesn't sound good.

"I'll say," he replied. He was a bit uneasy now but he had to keep his belief in her. He sent, I guess the fun will begin eh moi chroi? His nervousness filtered through but also reassurance that he believed he would be careful.


Tonatius pulled out his blade and held it ready. He retorted, "Coming from you, I'm guessing your brand of good news includes death."

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