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I guess the fun will begin eh moi chroi?

Alriana no longer heard the sounds of combat out in the corridor. She turned to the Admiral. "I think the battle might already be over. But from what little I heard it sounded pretty intense."

Belina looked down at her comn device. She had to admit she was a bit worried. What little she had gotten out through the static made her think that someone aboard her ship had run into the agent and was now in critical condition. She opened a panel on the side of the door and pulled two wires apart and the door opened.

What she saw disturbed her.

There were two bodies on the floor that looked like they had been killed by blaster shots and one that was missing it's head. She looked down next to the headless body and saw the head. The face still had a fearful look on it's face.

"Coming from you, I'm guessing your brand of good news includes death."

Belina looked over at the man was holding a sword and a blaster and than at Tonatius. "Easy there...I think I have an idea of who this is."

She turned to him and extended her hand. "Kavrik I presume?" She asked as she looked down at the bodies again. "I'm going to assume that they were trying to get at me?"
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