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Question about buying the game I owned this game a long time ago (actually bought it the day it came out, I was just entering the beginning of my teenage years and spent hours upon hours locked away in my room playing this on my dusty dell desktop). I still have discs 2-4 but disc 1 has been missing for YEARS. We moved from the old house a while ago, as well, so chances are, it's not coming back any time soon.

Anyways, with all of this hype over Star Wars: The Old Republic I've been itching to re-play through both KOTOR 1 and KOTOR 2. I've already played through KOTOR 1 several times over this past summer on my computer with no problems, but I was forced to do the act which we never must mention on forums for game 2, but was met head-on with a frustrating experience. Apparently the game hates Windows 7 computers with Intel GPU's. Of course, just my luck, my computer is a Windows 7 system with an Intel GPU. Now apparently there is a way to get the game working with my system but I need my play disc back. Since I can't conjure one up out of thin air, my only solution is to buy the entire game--which I have no problem with at all. I've got a little bit of money that I can spare despite me saving up ever so slowly for SWTOR.

Where's a good place to get this game? Gamestop only has the xbox version, but I'm of the belief that RPG's should never ever be played on anything but a computer, so I downright refuse to buy the xbox version. Furthermore, they only have it used and the nearest dealership with the game in stock is over an hour and a half drive away from me. I do not own a car.

I was thinking of amazon-ing it but I'm not entirely sure if I'd trust a computer game, which is ultra sensitive to scratching, over the internet. I mean someone could say it's in "Like New" condition, I could wait 5 days for it to ship and then it could just never end up working because, it's either scratched or the problems the game has with my computer end up not being fixable.

Best Buy does not have the game.

Anyone got any suggestions as to where I can pick up this game of my early adolescent period, or if it's even worth shelling out 10-20 bucks for if there's a vast chance that the game will truly never work on my computer?
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